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Separation Management

Farsight’s Separation Management HR Tool ensures timely settles dues of an off boarding employee and follows an efficient Separation. It ensures best HR practices are perceived in employee termination process. Once an employee updates the system about Separation plans, he/she will be notified of all the procedures and steps that they need to undergo. Separation module helps companies to automate entire Separation cycle from Employee resignation till deactivation of employee.
The process starts with Employee’s online resignation, which is followed by sending E-Mail the Department Head and HR Manager. The HOD and Department Head receive resignation mail of the employee which can be automatically reverted with the help of Farsight’s module keeping everyone updated regarding employee’s activities.
Separation module can be plugged in with any standard Payroll Insights deployment solution or any third party software. Separation module can be customizable according to client needs and business practices. It can be made user friendly by altering its dashboard in sync with Company’s website design and logo.
Farsight’s Separation module follows the following process to manage Separation and off boarding of employees to ensure easy termination of tenure.

Online Resignation

The cycle starts by Online Resignation Submission by Employee from Self Service Portal.

E-Mail Notification to C-Suite Executives

If the HOD and HR Team finds the resignation inappropriate for company, the module schedules a stay interview to retain employee. In case the HR Team and department’s head find the resignation appropriate, with mutual consent Resignation is approval is sent to Reporting Manager. The reporting manager confirms the resignation and module schedules exit interview.

Scheduling Exit Interview

The interview is scheduled with confirmation of both, the employee and HR Team to ensure availability.
Farsight’s Separation module provides different interview templates for different profiles to enable HR Managers put up relevant questions. It supports clearance from “n” number of employees in different departments. Thus it is able to support multiple clearance templates for different profiles. The module ensures configurable user permissions so that user has data wise access to profile of their senior employees.

Sending of Employment Termination E-Mail

Once the interview ends, the employee and HR Team receive an automatically generated e-mail that confirms termination of work period of employee.


Clearance from all Departments

The Separation module starts Employee Clearance Workflow Setup that includes procurement of allocated resources, access to company’s data, strategic planning modules etc. This is followed by employee’s clearance by respective departments like reimbursements, pending salary, security refund, etc. The module creates clearance templates to commence the Separation and settlement process. The module sends E-Mail notifications to respective stakeholders to notify them regarding resource procurement. Once the stakeholders update the clearance activity status in their self-service portal, final clearance report is generated.

Final Settlement & Deactivation

Once all the departments confirm the clearance on Separation module, employee is finally deactivated. The module ensures full and final Settlement of employee.
Farsight’s Separation module can be integrated with SAP/People Soft & Other ERP Solutions making the process easier and efficient to be used by a wide range of Organizations and has been trusted over 200 enterprises. Separation module can be plugged in any standard Payroll Insights deployment. Separation module is customizable according to client needs and business practices.
Following are the benefits of opting for Farsight’s HR Tool:

  • Efficient off boarding of employees
  • Seamless termination of employee lifecycle
  • Automated to reduce human efforts and eliminate chances of errors
  • Robust technology, thus saves time

The process followed by Farsight’s Separation module is fully automated and adheres to the following hierarchy for Employee’s Resignation precisely.

  • Resignation Submission By Employee from ESS
  • Email Notification to Reporting Manager, CC to HR
  • Resignation Approval By Manager
  • Email to Final Approval Authority
  • Resignation Approval By Final Authority
  • Email to Employee, CC to HR

Features of Farsight’s Separation Module:

  • Reports: it can support over100+ Standard Reports, 300+ Excel Exports, Graphical Dashboard, Scheduling of Reports
  • Mailing: it facilitates Email approval through mobile application of through company’s website.
  • Interfacing: it can be interfaced with the Regular Attendance Machine Database, 3rd Party Solutions like SAP, NAV etc.
  • Technology: it uses high end technologies like: Microsoft .NET, SQL SERVER, SAP Crystal Reports, Dev.-Express, Windows Services

Farsight’s HCM Engine has pioneered in delivering scalable solutions running live with hundreds of companies having 50 to 30000 employees, running Live at 100+ big organizations (BPOs, MNCs, Manufacturing Units, Outsourcing Companies etc.), trusted by Over 200 Enterprises and 5000 HR, 3000 IT, 2000 Finance Professionals because of its 100% success rate.

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