Farsight Leave Management System allows your Employees to apply leaves from Mobile & Managers to Approve with Email Notifications.

Best Leave System, What It Means Today?

In the human resource department maintaining compliance or managing leave data can prove to be a nightmare when handled manually or when using platforms like excel. A leave management system can help a lot and also add value through streamlining an organization’s leave data. Many organizations and companies who are looking to have a great working relationship are highly adapting to this new trend of adopting quality leave management system. Features and qualities that are making leave management software acceptable to the HR department of an organization include some of the following:

It improves an organization’s discipline – conclusive research has shown that a leave management system improves an organization’s discipline. Due to the system accuracy and consistency, levels of discipline are enhanced. The system is able to manage leaves and leave balances effectively without manipulation. Having such a system also boost productivity due to enhanced morale of employees.

Time saving and efficient- due to its virtual online nature a leave management system is able to remove the tedious strain on the HR department due to its online presence. This creates effectiveness and saves time used in handling queries manually on leave balances for employees.

Accuracy and efficiency- accountability and accuracy comes along with a good leave management policy. With it you are able to know information regarding leave balances and also leave trends.

Finally, take a look at the current employees that you have. Look at the employees that stick out above the rest. What makes them special? What talent do they possess that your business needs? If you look only to find that your business is lacking talent that you absolutely need, fill the holes with new talent that meets your business objectives. By researching into your current talent pool, you may discover talent you did not know you had. You may also discover talent that was hiding before. If you feel that your current talent pool is lacking, it may be in your best interest to seek out professional training concepts to align them with your goals. Training does have costs in the long run. However, so does having a staff that lacks what you need.

Highly compliant to leave policy-whether being a manger or an employee, one cannot just bypass or manipulate a leave management system to his/her favor. This is contrary to when it is done manually where it can be highly manipulated.

It provides instant information about employee’s leave history- the HR manager is able to effectively take a critical look about the history of the applicant since the system is able to analyze it fully.

Having not only a quality but also the best and customized leave management system saves you a lot. Thus as a manager you won’t get burnt up and worn out. With a good system you are able to effectively save the organization’s money and also time also the staff and employees morale is highly enhanced due to perceived fairness of the quality leave management system.

About Us

Farsight Leave Management system is a topnotch system that has made this greatly possible. Here we manage our leave management process in a dependable system that satisfies the company’s leave policy requirements. The system strong composition of web application allows for real time visibility, rendering it easy to use for both management and staff.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are mainly those who want to move from a paper based leave management plan or those who need an integrated full time On-Cloud based leave management system. Farsight Leave Management have successfully facilitated status change management, in on boarding and also annual carryover event thus providing the much needed freedom and time to the HR and payroll resources to concentrate on other higher value tasks. Also our system offers some of the most exquisite features; these features make us top the list when it comes to offering leave management solutions. Some of the best features include the following:


With our system you are always assured of flexibility, this also comes with a guarantee of 100% implementation of your company’s leave policies. With Farsight leave management platform you are assured of leave patterns analysis reports thus helping the user to constantly evolve the company’s leave policy in accordance to the employees and the company’s needs. In the long run the employees are able to enjoy leave privileges without disturbing the productivity of work. The extensive options and great flexibility offered by Farsight help you to manage complex leave policies with much ease. These options range from leave encashment and carry forward policy, yearly quota per leave type, leave balance computation and many more. On the same point we need to look at some of the leave types which are defined in our system. Some of them include Earned leave, sick leaves, Early going leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, privilege leave, special leave among many others. Also the platform allows the user to create and configure leave types as per grades, designation and also locations. Some of the leaves may be based on the hours worked on that day like half day leave, exclusive weekly offs and also the frequency of the leaves allowed. It is also good to note that the leave types are driven by the company leave rules and also the HR policy.

Mobile Access

To make it even more appealing our leave management platform is cloud based. Thus you can access it anywhere, anytime either through your laptop or even through your mobile. We have gone ahead and created an app thus enhancing the platform’s mobility factor. We also ensure that the employee information is safe and also confidential.

ON- Cloud products

We prefer to use on cloud due to its fastness, simplicity and accuracy. With this the system is able to manage leaves perfectly. Also we have gone a step further in ensuring that the system is highly compatible with popular browsers and mobile devices thus enabling employees/users to perform leave request anywhere. Mail notifications are also sent to all designated users upon approvals, rejections or cancellations. This is done through submission of request via the system thus eliminating manual time off processes and risks of errors. Farsight leave management system is also highly customizable to fit the user’s needs. The system allows the user to seamlessly set leave policies in place, make changes to the pro-rata balance rules, setting guidelines for accrued leaves and also clubbing of leaves. Also the platform comes in on premise one time purchase as well as ON-Cloud rental mode.

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