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HOW TO: Write a Standout Job Description?

If you have an open position in your company, and you want to make sure that only the best candidates will apply, you will have to do your best to create a job description that will stand out from the crowd. You see, your competition may know how to attract job seekers; this is why you never seem to find the right persons to do the job in your company. The main idea is to catch their attention well enough so that they will want to apply and earn an interview. The more candidates you have for interviews, the higher are the chances to find the person, or persons, you need for the vacant job.

  • You must know the type of audience you are addressing the job description

A compelling job description will make the reader feel that the job is perfect for him, as it was made to fit his idea of a great job. How can you do that? Well, you need to know the type of your audience first, in order to make personalized job description that will fit the persons you need inside the company. So, make sure to describe the available position by including the following:
  • Field of professional training (ex: web developer, HR specialist, PR, office assistant);
  • Level of experience (ex: no experience, entry-level, mid-level, senior-level);
  • Set of skills (ex: communication, computer skills, team work, negotiation, foreign language);
  • Type of job (ex: full-time, part-time);

This way, a job seeker will know if the job is right for him or not. Also, you will get candidates that are more likely to fit with your requirements, being a win-win situation.

  • Using questions may be a great method to hook job seekers

When putting together a job description, using questions in the beginning can capture the attention of the reader and make him more interested in the job announcement. But, when composing a question, use attractive benefits for the future employee in its content. Examples:

  • “How would you like a job where the schedule is flexible?”
  • “How you would like to get a free lunch at work?”
  • “Would you like to have a personal car and phone?”
  • “Are interested in working in an office equipped with a laptop just for you?”

This way, the company looks like one that cares about the wellbeing of the employees and makes the job attractive right from the start.

  • Include features and details that are specific to your company only

Do you think that your company is the greatest? Then present it like it is in the job description as well. Talk about:

  • The company’s reputation (ex: positive feedback from former clients, what the media is saying);
  • Employee community (ex: team building, national holydays that are free days, celebration days at the office);
  • Professional opportunities (ex: the chance to advance up the hierarchy, the opportunity gain experience in a certain domain, the chance to participate in training sessions)
  • Success on the market (ex: campaigns that were successful, the number of satisfied clients, the increase in business numbers)
Anything else that may show that it is worth being a part of such a great team will work perfectly.

  • Make sure the job description is presentable

Since it is in a written form, still one of the most respected ways of communication, your job description must be presented flawlessly. It should not contain:

  • Grammatical errors;
  • Typos;
  • Punctuation that is improper.
If the description is written with such mistakes, it will show that you don’t care too much about the image of your company. Of course, anyone could understand one mistake, as it could slip unnoticed. But when the entire description is poorly written, no one will bother contacting your company for the job.

  • Create an approachable image

When creating the job description for the position in your company, try not to:

  • Sound too bossy or superior (ex: “don’t even bother to apply if you don’t have good references”);
  • Use slang language (ex: “wish to earn a buck?”, “everything is a piece of cake”, “that’s all to wrap it up”);
  • Use jargons (ex: “our company tries to boil the ocean”, “this is the helicopter view of what we need”);
  • Use sophisticated terms that may need a dictionary for translation (ex: relative strength index, hyper-threading)

The tone should be conversational and the content should be comprehensible. The reader should feel that it would be a great thing to earn an interview for your company.

  • Avoid the use of fluff and unnecessary details

A job description should always be informative; this is why you need to stick to the point and give the reader only relevant information. It is useless to make the description lengthy by using unnecessary details, because the reader will lose the interest of finding out what the job is all about and miss the essential points. After all, you want to make a person become interested in becoming your employee, not to fall asleep while reading the job description. Keep in mind that a person who is looking for a job may stand for hours reading very many job descriptions, scanning through the content in search for something that may appear interesting enough for them. This is why you need to focus on:

  • Delivering the message neat and clear;
  • Use short sentences;
  • Make the content easy to comprehend;
  • Include all the main ideas that are essential to the job;
It is enough to keep his attention locked on your announcement for a few minutes and he will want to know more about the benefits of being an employee in your company.

  • You will need to be specific when providing the directions for your potential employees

Do not forget to end the job description with clear directions concerning the papers and resume you need them to send, including info like:

  • What to send;
  • Where to send it;
  • To whom to send it;
  • Until when the documents can be sent;
Also, don’t try to make the job sound ideal. Be concise when it comes to:

  • The number of working hours (ex: 4, 6, 8);
  • Type of job (ex: part-time, full-time, seasonal);
  • To whom to send it;
  • If the number of hours is negotiable or not;
It is easier and time saving to have candidates that will know what to expect, instead of selling fantasies or confusing the candidates. Also, do have in mind that if the directions information is not clear or easy to find, some candidates will drop everything on the last few yards.

With the help of these steps, you will most certainly manage to create job descriptions that are accurate, contain the right type of information, and are catchy enough to get you the right persons for the job. It is not easy to find suitable employees that fit the position you may need inside the company, but if you invest some effort into making a great job description, you will have a good number of candidates to choose from. And with a bit of luck, the right one might just be among them.

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