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Employees are the greatest asset for any business. Working with trained employees gives the benefit of long term profitability to the company and stake holders. Learning and training is not only for new hires but for the ones who have been working for a prolonged period; this is because learning is an ever evolving process and it can never come to an end.
An effective training program is built upon systematic and strategic planning with an objective to achieve the goals set before every individual. Farsight offers an effective training and development module with a provision to view training requirements, analytics of ‘n’ number of employees and to opt for apt corrective measure.
Farsight offers robust business intelligence, predictive analytics tool that makes the organizational processes goal oriented. Farsight’s tool portrays an analytical picture of the development, creation, implementation, maintenance, and assessment of workflow and aligns them with available resources.
Farsight’s training module has successfully delivered following benefits for all organizational setups:

  • Increased Returns On Investment
  • Optimal Utilization of Workforce
  • Increased Productivity and Scalable Results
  • Economic Employment Rate

Farsight’s Module works on the following process of training and development of employees:

Employee Competency/ Skill Mapping

The company set the performance standards according to its policies. The employees that best fit into the required standards are selected and trained to meet the expected standards. The module maps accurate skill set for all the employees in accordance with their job profile.

Review Template Definition & Mapping

Farsight’s Training module generates a template definition of the skill set mapped to different employee profiles and the corresponding employees. This gives a comprehensive report of assigned and expected duties of all employees in the organization.

Employee Skill Review

The HR Team along with the HOD reviews the reports which can be sent to them as in E-Mail notification. This gives them an estimate of each employee’s strong and weak points. The HOD can thereafter wisely choose the team leader that might prove beneficial for any project depending on the qualities assessed by the tool.

Training Need Identification

Farsight’s Training module works on Spider Chart analytics that gives a pictorial representation of employees’ character set and showcases the strong and weak areas. The HR Team thereafter works on the weak areas by opting for corrective measure like organizing training sessions, lectures etc.

Training Plan / Calendar Definition

Once the HR managers recognize the pit falls in the employment strategies, the module works out a plan which gives a training plan for specific employees and schedules a training and development session for employees.
The module sends E-mails to those employees that need to attend the session and confirms their presence. The module also proves successful in documenting the session and analyzes the progress after the session.

Self & Subordinate Nominations

The employees can also analyze themselves and their coworkers on different parameters periodically using the employee’s self-service portal. This gives a clear picture to the HR managers of scenario of the workplace.
The employees also come to know the deviation from their perspective and what others believe; thus giving them a chance to critically analyze themselves and work to pace with other employees.

Training Attendance & Feedback

The module ensures that employees lacking a particular skill must attend the session and derive positive results from it. For an employee falling short of number of sessions attended, he/she is notified about the same.
The module takes feedback from all the employees who attended the session to keep a check with the quality of training and development sessions.
The results of the survey can be analyzed by the executives in form of graphs, percentile calculation and pie chart analytics for different departments and make them aware of the measures that can be taken to solve the problems faced by the employees. This helps to strengthen the bonds of employees with their executives and among fellow individuals too.

Training Effectiveness Analysis

Once the employees are trained to produce desirable throughput, the module analyzes the progress by comparing with previous records. It performs a critical analysis of effectiveness of training session to ensure optimal productivity from each employee.
The Training & Development module precisely devised under the following framework that suits business needs of organizations ranging from large, medium to small scale organizations.

  • Training Effectiveness Analysis for Each Employee
  • Determining Organizational Training Objectives
  • Creating Impactful Training & Development Plan
  • Implementing Training Initiatives & Revising Them Periodically
  • Fetching Feedback & Evaluation of Process

Farsight’s HR Solution is a tool for businesses that opt for best-of-breed software strategies require hi-end technology to finely blend workforce with optimal resources. It provides comprehensive information database that can be integrated with third party software as well.
Farsight’s HR Solution includes all the attributes required in organization for optimal manpower working and is flexible enough to completely utilize the business processes by customizing it to suit client's requirement.


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