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Farsight’s Leave Management is a world class tool to automate your leave process. Leave module empowers employees to perform various leave transactions online. On each and every action system automatically sends an email to respective stakeholders. It supports “n” number of people in email cc list. Leave Management module ensure 100% compliance for your leave policies. Product is fully configurable to implement your leave policy. If you have any particular policy rule which is specific to your organization, it can also be customized.

Leave Management also offers mobile application extension to the customers have mobile application module. With the mobile application extension, your Employees can have native Mobile self-service application for Android, Windows & iOS.

Farsight’s Leave Management is the best leave solution available and already helping hundreds of organizations across India.

In nut shell, it empowers everybody in the organization. Some of the key functionalities are mentioned below

In-Built Leave Types

There is something for everybody

General Employees

Application Leave Cancellation
Comp-Off Earn Application Comp-Off Status
Leave Status Leave Reports


Leave Approval Sub-Ordinate’s Leave Status
Comp-Off Earn Application Comp-Off Status
Leave Status Leave Reports

HR/Admin Users

Leave Application for Anybody Leave Approval for Anybody
Leave Cancellation for Anybody Leave Status for Anybody


Analytics Alerts

Leave Rules

Farsight’s Leave Management tools can fully automate your attendance policies, as the entire product is fully configurable. Some of the configurable rules are mentioned below.

Rules can be configured Leave Type Wise

  • Budget - System allows different budgets for different leave types i.e. CL = 7, SL = 10 In a year
  • Credit Frequency – System allows different leave credit frequencies i.e. Month Start, Month End, Year Start, Year End, Joining Start, Joining End etc.
  • Exclude Weekly Offs – System allows you to define which leave type should exclude weekly off for intervening leaves
  • Half Day Leave Allowed – System allows you to define which leave type should allow half day.
  • Continuous No. Of Leaves Allowed – System allows you to define for each leave type, how many leaves can be applied in continuation
  • Encashment Limit – System allows you to define for each leave type how many leaves can be encashed at year end
  • Attachment Mandatory – System allows you to define rules for medical leave for more than 3 days’ attachment is mandatory according to your requirement

System have more than 50 fully configurable rules!


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