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In any Organization, resource planning and proper utilization is the first stepping stone to ensure efficiency in productivity. To ensure efficient resource utilization, Farsight’s My Needs module bridges the gaps between employee’s need and resource allocation in any Organizational setup.

Farsight’s module is a real – time system that enriches you with the visibility of allocated resources and ensures productivity, and assigns resources to particular employees or projects. As the process is fully automated, it eliminates the haphazard created in case of any requirement of any department. It helps you to know the impact of every project and resource utilized in materializing the assets. It makes the decision making process easier when it comes to inventory and stock planning.

By catering to employee’s needs, you can make them more productive and generate content workforce that is self-motivated. An employee needs that shall be taken care of by the HR Managers while internal process of onboarding begins for both, permanent and contract based employees.

Basic Needs

For any employee, foremost needs are equipment, workstation, attendance record, documentation stationary etc. Farsights’ My Need Module helps the employees to demand anything they require. The request is passed on to the higher authorities and the requested equipment is delivered to the workplace.

Sense of Belongingness

All the employees are issued the resources so they might need to be reissued or to be returned to the inventory. This creates a sense of belongingness among the employees to protect the tools from any damage.

Allocation record maintenance

The resource allocation chart for inventory department is automatically maintained and updated timely. The timespan of allocation, date of issue, date of receiving etc. can be recorded department wise. It help in generating reports automatically to maintain comprehensive records.

Benefits of Opting for Farsight’s My Needs Module:

  • Transparency and record of allocated resources
  • Detailed record according to date and quantity of issue
  • Customize workflow according to available resource
  • Efficient and planned workflow for different projects
  • Can be customized according to the scale of enterprise

Farsight’s Module offers two way interactions between the employees and inventory to get the deliverables soon and accelerate the work. It ensures the work flows in full swing and there is no hindrance because of lack of resources.

Farsight’s My Need Module works on the following process:

Employee’s Request on ESS

The employees can request any resource either online or from mobile app on ESS i.e. Employee Self Service Portal.

E-Mail notification to Concerned Authority

An E-Mail notification is sent to the Team Leaders or the HOD regarding the employee’s requirement. The concerned authority can either accept or reject the request on the Farsight’s My Need module or Farsight’s Mobile App.

Notification to the Inventory Control

The Inventory control is informed about the requirement with the specification like date of delivery, quantity, duration, name of employee to be issued for etc. The Inventory department can alter the request according to the availability of resources.

Delivering the Resources

Once the Resources are dispatched from the inventory, Farsight’s tool ensures timely delivery of equipment or tools. The tool sends a confirmation notification to all the levels of allocation of resource.


It is a boon to the companies looking forward to optimize profit margins, improve billable utilization, retain top talent and increase client satisfaction. Now the employees need not go to ground zero for anything they need, all they need to do is update the need on the Farsight’s tool and with approval of the concerned authorities they’ll get it delivered on their work desk.

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