Farsight Partnership Program

FARSIGHT offers access to the most comprehensive product set for HR & Finance Professionals, along with a host of resources enabling members to develop, sell, and implement solutions featuring Farsight products and services. Organizations that have made a commitment to excellence in developing, selling, or implementing a specific HR product or technology can earn Farsight Partnership to create value for their customers.

Stand Out from the Competition

Your specialty might be HR consulting, payroll consulting, access control systems, recruitment & training. Or you might offer customers ERP and automation based solutions primarily built around processes other than HR & fixed assets processes. Whatever it is, your business has a specific focus, and your people possess special skills. You are unique. As a Farsight partner, you want to showcase your specific experience and expertise so you can differentiate yourself from competitors to potential customers. By joining hands with FARSIGHT, partners get opportunities to leverage Farsight products, its brand, and its market position to increase revenues, enhance profitability, and build a strong global business.

Our Partnership Program

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Need experienced Indian professionals
Need experienced Indian professionals