Talent Acquisition

Efficient Talent Acquisition is the prime and foremost objective of the HR Manager. In today’s time, the HR Manager needs to thrive through the turmoil of the market to balance the needs of new hires and the Organization. Recruiting the right talent proves fruitful for the Employee as he/she get a chance to showcase their talent to the fullest and ultimately Company’s goal is achieved.

Thus to facilitate easy and efficient Talent Acquisition, Farsight Solutions has devised Recruitment Module in their HCM Engine which automates the process making talent acquisition and onboarding cakewalk. The talent acquisition module or the recruitment tool adheres to the following hierarchy of process commencement and termination:

Managers Generating Requisitions Online:

The process begins when a particular department raises a need for requisition of manpower. With Farsight’s Recruitment module, the managers of a particular department can raise a request to hire manpower under the following specifications:

  • Post to be filled
  • Number of people required
  • Qualifications for best fit
  • Respective Duties to be performed

The manager can generate request online on HCM Engine which is automatically submitted to department’s HOD to be analyzed. The tool proves extremely helpful in generating accurate job description.
In a professional race, strategic and goal oriented planning proves extremely beneficial. Thus, requisitions shall be requested as per workload. Farsight’s HCM Engine ensures optimal utilization of resources and human capital in every department.
Recruitment can also be done in place of employees whom don’t prove to be beneficial in contributing to optimal throughput of the job. When attrition occurs, replacing the role is typically the logical action to endure company’s returns.

HOD’s Approvals Online/Smart Phones:

Farsight’s Module is available online as well as on mobile application. HOD can approve of the request to hire new employees by analysing department’s progress rate. The HOD can approve or reject the application to hire new employees right away.
The HOD needs to analyse the specifications of requirement list on the module. He can either approve of existing specifications, modify the list by making amendments in the existing one.
Once the HOD has released an approved application to hire new employees, an E-Mail is sent automatically to the HR team to being the Recruitment process.

Channel Selection By HR Team And Internal procurement of applicants:

Once the HR Team receives the mail regarding hiring new employees, the team becomes functional. The foremost step is to select the mode of talent requisition;

It includes automatic email to staff, display on Company notice board, Company intranet with the help of Farsight’s HCM Engine

External procurement of applicants:

External advertising of vacancy includes newspaper clippings, professional journal, online job vacancy boards, recruitment agency etc.
Farsight’s Recruitment module creates an eye catching advertisement that is non-discriminatory; that includes your selection criteria, application process and deadline for responses. This helps HR managers to recognize talent easily.
The Module provides all the relevant information about the job role. An automatic prompt mail is sent that revert the applicant with an application pack including:

  • Job description
  • Application form
  • Website details
  • Salary package
  • Responsibilities

Online Access to Employees for Referrals

The Employees currently working in the Organization are open to submit referrals to the HR Team who are best suited for the job profile. This recruitment strategy is adopted when recruitment cost is to be minimised. Referral programs help to cut down time and effort in recruitment process to provide best returns on investment.
Farsight’s Recruitment module sends an E-Mail to the Company’s employees regarding the job openings to enable employees send referrals corresponding to specifications like number of vacancy, qualification etc.

Online Access to 3rd Party Recruitment Consultant

If the HR Team is unable to procure relevant profile for the opening, the team sends a request to 3rd party recruitment consultancy firms. Farsight’s recruitment module sends a mail with full specification to the consultancy firms that have tie ups with the company. The firms have sufficient profile bank and the person that best suits the profile is selected to apply for the job.



Online Access to Candidate for Document Submission

Once the advertisement process on its peak; the HR Team starts receiving applicants’ resume. With Farsight’s recruitment module, the applicants can easily apply for job and submit their documents like resume, qualification certificates etc. to be reviewed by HR Team. This ensures that remotely based applicants can also apply for the job that can best fit the role. It maintains an ordered record of the applicants and arranges the applications in the order of best fit, desirable, and average.

Online Access to Background Verification

Farsight’s HCM Engine provides document verification tool that ensures that all the documents submitted by the applicant are authentic. This reduces the workload of the HR team to go down to ground zero and check whether the documents are authentic and trustworthy.



Selection of Employees for Interview

Farsight’s recruitment module offers selection of employees on the following parameters:

    • structured interview
    • competency based interview
    • assessment center
    • work sampling, presentation,
    • psychometric testing

The module analyzes the selection cost and time required and opts for an economical method to select the employee that best fits the vacancy.

Interview Scheduling

Farsight’s Recruitment Module schedule the interview on the basis of availability of both, the applicant and HR Manager by sending a detailed confirmation mail to both parties to save time and effort.
The module prepares an ‘interview assessment form’ having questions regarding the skills and competencies identified for the role. All the employees are judged on the basis of same questions asked that are relevant to their profile and then automatically compared as strong or weak on the basis of fair and equitable reports generated by the module.


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