Virtual Help Desk and Ticketing Management System

Farsight’s Virtual Help Desk is a cutting edge software technology that virtually deploys IT technicians on demand to support Organization’s clients. It offers a wide range of benefits that allow HR to provide fast and effective employee support while saving cost by reducing administrative hassle.

Farsight’s Virtual Help Desk is proven to solve employee’s problems with simple and smart interface of which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through its web based functionality. Farsight’s Help Desk’s intelligent rules automatically assign tickets to right support team depending upon the nature of tickets like housekeeping, administrative, IT, payroll etc. Further the department follows up with the client to resolve the issues.

Platform to Manage All Type Of Employee Issues

  • Allows you define different Issue Types i.e IT, Software, Payroll, Admin., General etc.
  • Allows you to assign set of people for every Issue Type
  • Further Issue Assignment to respective person
  • Allows your Employees to report issues online or from Mobile App
  • Can also define people for cc email

Automatic Email Notifications to respective stakeholders

  • Automatic acknowledgement email to Employee just after issue submission.
  • Automatic Email to people configured in CC list
  • Automatic Escalation if issues not resolved within time frame
  • Keeps everybody upto date through email notification i.e Email on issue assignment, comments, status change etc.

Automatic Routing Of Issues

  • Depending on Nature of Problem, System routes the issue automatically
  • Automatic Email Notification for timely response
  • Supports Multiple People Allocation to issues
  • Proper comment trail of each and every action taken to provide solution
  • Helps to improve Employee Satisfaction

Automatic Reminders and Escalation

  • Automatic Reminders To The People Not Responding
  • Automatic Email Escalation To Next Level in case of no response
  • Proper Turn Arround Time Tracking

Realtime Reports And Analytics

  • Realtime 360-degree information on Help Desk Process
  • Access to 50+ Standard Reports
  • Customized Reports as per client requirement
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Data Import and Export From Excel
  • integration with 3rd Party Solutions

Farsight’s Help Desk Software Brochure gives you better insights on ROI of buying a ticketing management system for virtual help desk.


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