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5 Steps to e-TDS/e-TCS Return in India

Step 1 – Prepare e-TDS as per prescribed format. The data structure (file format) in which the e-TDS / e-TCS return is to be prepared has been notified below..
Step 2 – e-TDS / e-TCS return in accordance with the file formats is to be prepared in clean text ASCII format with ‘txt’ as filename extension. e-TDS / e-TCS return can be prepared using in-house software, any other third party software or the NSDL e-TDS Return Preparation Utility (e-TDS RPU-Light).
Step 3 – Once the file has been prepared as per the file format, it should be verified using the File Validation Utility (FVU) provided by NSDL
Step 4 – In case file has any errors the FVU will give a report of the errors. Rectify the errors and verify the file again through the FVU.
Step 5 – The upload file generated by the FVU on successful validation is to be furnished to a TIN-FC or directly uploaded through the NSDL website.

Download File Formats –
File Format for Form 24Q (1st, 2nd & 3rd Quarters)
File Format for Form 24Q (4th Quarter)
File Format for Form 26Q Q1 to Q4
File Format for Form 27Q Q1 to Q4
File Format for Form 27EQ Q1 to Q4

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