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Canteen Management


    Many organizations provide Canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their Employees as a welfare measure. The usage of the canteen by the employees depends on many factors like centralized food distribution center with swift and Simplicity in operations. CMS design provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover larger section of employees within a specified time. CMS is paperless and has almost cashless transactions. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple Caterers operate in a closed environment or at multiple locations


  • Do away with manual system of maintaining the coupons
  • Instant information at your fingertips for immediate use
  • Linkage to payroll package for direct debit facility
  • CMS can be implemented in an organization where the employees have Biometric/ card based attendance device or procuring the same for CMS purpose.
  • CMS is seamless integrated with Farsight tool
  • CMS takes care of subsidies provided by the companies to their employees.
  • Manual entry of transactions is feasible
  • Daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facility can be preset.
  • Reduces Wastage of food items.
  • Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any particular day or shift can be notified to the caterers.
  • Different types of reports can be taken with respect to Employee consumption and with respect to daily sales by the canteen


  • In case of Multiple Locations of canteen consolidated utilization is required which is very tedious or almost impossible in case of a manual process.
  • Multiple items management
  • Effective inventory management
  • Re-ordering of items to be managed in order to restock at proper time.
  • Subsidized food tracking

Key Features

  • Coupon less canteen management: Do away with manual system of maintaining coupons & related hassles. The system records item wise consumption against each usage and transfers data to CMS for reporting.
  • Post Paid Options: Post paid card options for deduction of canteen usage. In post paid option, the total monthly usage of an employee can be directly deducted from salary at the end of the month.
  • Guest Usage Management: Each department can be allotted a master guest card such that the monthly consumption of guest canteen usage/ department wise can be monitored.

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