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Employee Counselling

Employee counselling is a psychological health care intervention which can take many forms. Its aim is to assist both the employer and employee by intervening with an active problem-solving approach to tackling the problems at hand.

Employee counselling can do much to prevent the negative effects of stress at an individual level and ultimately at an organizational level.

Automation of Counselling

Farsight has develop counselling module to automate this process.

    Two majorly categorized counselling can be divided:
  • For Development
  • For Disciplinary

Counselling Request by Reporting Manager

    Once reporting manager observe the change behavior of an employee he raises a request in the tool and tool generates the email notification to concern authorities.

Counselling by Counselling Team

  • In tool based on counselling type counselling team are pre-defined mapped and can be assigned on the basis of requirement.
  • Describe the changed behavior. Let the employee know that the organization is concerned with work performance. The supervisor maintains work standards by being consistent in dealing with troubled employees. Explain in very specific terms what the employee needs to do in order to perform up to the organization's expectations
  • Get employee comments on the changed behavior and the reason for it. Confine any negative comments to the employee's job performance. Don't diagnose; you are not an expert. Listen and protect confidentiality.
  • Agree on a solution. Emphasize confidentiality. Don't be swayed or misled by emotional please, sympathy tactics, or "hard-luck" stories.Explain that going for help does not exclude the employee from standard disciplinary procedures and that it does not open the door for special privileges.
  • Summarize and get a commitment to change. Seek commitment from the employee to meet work standards and to get help, if necessary, with the problem. Attach the document in the tool signed by counselling team and the employee and update the respective section in the tool
  • Follow up. Once the problem is resolved and a productive relationship is established, follow up is needed.

Counselling Status

The status tracker will help individual, concern authorities to know the status of all raised counselling request and review as and when required.

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