HCM Engine’s HR Analytics module empowers you to use employee data to make better decisions and improve operational performance. It integrates critical data from across the enterprise and convert into relevant, timely, and actionable insight. All Process stakeholders receive relevant, timely, and actionable information directly through personalized dashboards, metrics, and alerts.

Today’s business challenges demand more than just basic automation in the HR department. Rather, you require smart solution to provide 360-degree view of work force.

Organizations need to understand the complex interaction between staffing levels, competencies, compensation structures, and other factors to help them maximize their return on human capital. From Manpower planning, till separation, HCM Engine analytics empower you to align HR metrics with strategic business goals.

HCM Engine HR analytics solution can help you:

  • Manpower Planning
  • Link workforce utilization to strategic and financial goals for improved business performance
  • Frame policies to improve employee satisfaction
  • Bring Transparency in Attendance, Leave, Payroll & Other processes
  • Control Attrition
  • Establish effective training and career development initiatives.


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