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The Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Bill 2015

Enquiry of Provident Fund

You can check the EPF account balance in many ways. In the last few years the EPFO has started many facilities to inquire about the EPF balance. Recently, it has launched a mobile app and missed call balance inquiry service. These are the great efforts, and we should appreciate it. Some years back EPFO was very slow to adopt the technology, but now it is catching up. After several digital initiatives, now EPFO has 7 methods to check the EPF balance. I am giving details of these methods of EPF balance inquiry. Click hear to PDF download.

1. Check PF Balance Through UAN

Universal Account number is a unique number of those employees who are the members of employees provident fund (EPF). The number does not change with the change of job. The employers tell the UAN to its employee. You can know your UAN yourself and even generate it. The EPFO gives an account to every UAN. The UAN account portal gives many facilities to the EPF members. Once you activate the UAN, you will receive a monthly SMS about your PF contribution and recent available balance.

2. Download PF Passbook Through UAN

Among the various facilities of UAN portal, you can also download the EPF passbook. This passbook has details of your monthly PF contribution, Employer’s PF contribution, the contribution towards the employee pension scheme and latest balance. Hence, this method not only tells you the PF account balance, but also complete statement of provident fund account. To get the facility of PF statement inquiry through this mode, you need to first activate you UAN account. After the activation, you can log into the account and download the EPF passbook.

3. Download PF Passbook through Member Portal

Before UAN portal, the member portal was the way to download the PF passbook. If you want to download the PF passbook. The member portal is easier to operate. It is still useful in certain circumstances. If you have forgotten the UAN password or could not login into the UAN portal, the member portal can be useful. The member portal does not require any extra information for passbook download. Only you need the PF number. To check the PF balance through the Member portal you need to register with it. Registration is simple and requires the detail of any KYC document. This portal does not need password to login. The KYC document number and mobile number is enough to login. After the login, you can download the PF passbook after giving PF number. A one time password would be sent to your mobile number for authentication.

4. EPF Missed Call Service

This is the easiest method to check the PF account balance. Only, you have to give a missed call to the designated number. Within a few minutes, you would receive an SMS. This SMS would tell about the latest balance in your PF account. This service is totally free of cost. The number to give missed call is given below. Save it in your address book. Inquiry Number To Check PF Balance- 011 2290 1406 (Give a Missed Call)

5. EPF Mobile APP

The EPFO has launched the Official Mobile App. The APP not only tells the EPF balance, but also you can activate UAN through this APP. The employer and pensioners can also use the same app. The employer can check the transaction status of PF contribution. While pensioners can check their pension status. You can download this App from the EPFO website. The App is not available at google play store. Hence, you have to install it manually. After the installation, it will behave as a normal app. To check the PF account balance through the app, you have to enter the UAN and registered mobile number. The facility to check PF balance is available to only those members who has activated UAN to the UAN portal. The activation can be also done through this Mobile app.

6. Know EPF Balance Through SMS

Instead of Missed call, you can also check the PF account balance by sending an SMS. The message would be similar to the missed call service. But in this service you have to option to get the message in your own language. This service is also useful, when can you are not able to call from your mobile. To know the EPF balance through SMS, you have to send an SMS. The SMS is sent in the given format to the specified number
1.The SMS method of PF balance inquiry has some benefits over the missed call alert.
2.It gives your name and date of birth. You would know any error in your records. Thus, you can rectify it on time.
3.It also tells about the linked KYC documents. It can be a method to get the status of your KYC document authentication status.
4.It also tells whether bank detail is available with EPFO or not.
5.You would also know the last contribution month and amount.

7. Know Your EPF Balance Online (Old Method)

This method of online PF balance check has become redundant. Still, you will see it as the first listing in the google if you search for ‘PF balance check’. In this method of PF balance inquiry, you give your PF membership detail at ‘Know your PF balance page‘. This page asks only your PF number and mobile number. The PF balance details is sent to your mobile. Through this method you get to know the employee contribution, employer contribution and pension amount separately. Now This method of PF balance check also provides an updated amount. Earlier It used to tell the end of the financial year balance.

To check the PF balance through this method you have to follow these steps.

Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and give your PF Account number.
Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
Enter PF account number and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.
On successful submission of the above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.
Why Should You Check PF Balance Regularly

You should keep a tab on your PF account. It is your valuable retirement saving. This saving can be useful at testing times. You can also take loan against EPF balance. Sometimes, the employer does not deposit the PF remittance. Without the remittance of employer, your EPF balance would not grow. It may be very difficult to get back this amount if a company shuts down. Thus, it is very necessary to know the status of your PF balance.
Is Your PF Balance Less Than Anticipation? After the PF balance check, you may be surprised of the total amount. It may seem less than your anticipation. These can be the reason of low EPF balance.
The employer deposits equal amount in your PF account. But his whole contribution does not go for the PF. Rather, 8.33% (maximum Rs 1250)goes into the pension amount. The remaining amount is deposited into the EPF account. Because of the Employee pension scheme deduction the total EPF balance may seem less.
Sometimes, We forget that current EPF contribution was not from the beginning. We try to calculate the EPF balance using current contributions. Whereas the PF contribution Would have been very less in previous years. The EPF contribution increases with an increase of salary.
It is possible that your PF account is not updated till present date. Earlier, EPFO used to tell the end of year balance. However, now EPFO tells the current account status of EPF. The partial withdrawal from the EPF account can be also one reason of the low EPF balance. Did you take any loan from your EPF account?
The EPF may be the only retirement saving of you. Therefore, you need to protect it. Check the PF balance regularly. Transfer the EPF with the change of job and don’t try to withdraw unless it is very necessary.

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