On Boarding

On Boarding

Onboarding Process is a mechanism through which new employees are recruited and skills are brushed up to produce effective organizational members. But challenges arises when HR need to successfully onboard new employees for long term basis.

To solve this problem, Farsight has devised Onboarding feature in HR Solution that is a fully automated, cutting edge technology developed by dedicated team of Farsight IT Solutions that helps to connect new hires with the company’s database resulting in engaging employees faster. Farsight’s Onboarding services help to indulge new employees with company’s culture easily making them productive and enthusiastic for their work.

Farsight’s HR tool is proven to effectively manage the employee onboarding procedure and ensure smooth transition of new employees. Owing to the circumstances of the corporate world, the tool empowers strategic onboarding of workforce. The strategic outline of the Farsight’s Onboarding Module is as follows:

Submit the Hire transaction

After selection process ends, the onboarding process begins. The HR Managers and recruiters have to prepare a hiring transaction that updates the executives about the onboard commencement. Further, it enables the HR team to commence the payroll solution, attendance and leave calculation and various other modules that run live in the organization.

  • Employees’ Interaction & Basic Necessities
    • Communicate start date, time, place, parking, dress code, etc.

      It is the duty of the HR Team to communicate the basic ethos of the workplace to the new hires to make the work place familiar and help them get along the culture of the Organization.
      The basic necessities like dress code, location and transit mediums, date and time to report must be clearly delivered to avoid last minute haphazard.
    • Identify Workstation Needs and Requirements

      To provide the right atmosphere, the employers need to be organized in a manner that proves to showcase the best work culture ethics. The basic needs must be calculated and should be worked upon prior to joining. Ranging from different product or service lines, different companies require different equipment that must be issued to the new hire after the orientation is done.

Add regularly scheduled meetings (e.g. staff and department) to employee’s calendar

Before the effective date of joining, the HR team schedule meeting of all the C-Suite executives with the new hires that helps them sinks in the essence of the organization. The new hires come to know the forthcoming responsibilities and managerial setup.

Prepare employee’s calendar

The HR team ensures that the department has scheduled achievable targets at work that provide measurable output for the organization; also maintain yearly leave calendar.

Plan the employee’s first assignment

Prior planning and scheduling of task keeps the employees engaged and self-motivated to work and extra mile to achieve targets set before them.

Challenges Faced by HR Managers:

  • Selecting professionally balanced individual
  • Conducting successful interview
  • Skill development training to ensure fruitful directions
  • Efficiently allotting workstations


Farsight has the Solution:

  • Farsight tool ensures structured interview, competency based interview, assessment center, work sampling, presentation, psychometric testing etc.
  • Documentation and automatic report generation for the selected employee on specified grounds.
  • Training programs are organized with respect to web chart and evaluation module

Farsight’s Onboarding Module provides the following services.

  • Employee’s Induction Briefing
      • Detailed Job description
      • Welcome/ Offer Letter
      • Contact Names
      • Phone Lists
      • Location & Transit Insights
      • Mission and values of the Institute
  • Set-up the workstation as per headcount
  • Order business cards and name plate
  • Add employee to relevant email lists
  • Create new official E-Mail Ids
  • Arrange training sessions for apt development

Farsight HR Solution empowers the executives of the firms in the following ways:

  • Maneuvers the HR department to appoint new hires in a meaningful way.
  • Ensures that new hires are placed in the right team to deliver relevant results.
  • Turning new employees into productive workforce and enabling them to contribute in efficiently.
  • Provides wholesome knowledge of departmental information in a single location
  • Enables executives to easily monitor employee onboarding process
  • Provide new hires with a positive experience of the Organization
  • Equips new staff with the tools and knowledge they require to incur positive returns.
  • It is loaded with the  best security controls, and ensures information is processed securely


Farsight’s Onboarding feature of HR tool has replaced paper onboarding documents with digitalized Onboarding System that enables the Organization to index and store all employee-related information and ensure security of information, less paperwork, reduced time consumption and chances of human errors.




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